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Cassia Tora Seeds

Cassia Tora Seeds

An annual foetid herb, with a height of 30 to 90 cm, Cassia Tora is mainly found in the states of Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh, in India. It has pinnate leaves, which are about 10 cm long. Each leaf has three pairs of leaflets that are opposite, ovate, oblong and oblique at the base. The yellow-colored flowers are bearded in the axel of the leaves. The flowers comprises of five petals, each about half inch in diameter.

Usage & Benefits of Cassia Tora Seeds:
  • Cassia Tora is used as a coffee substitute and has a maturing and anodyne action.
  • It is very useful in treating skin diseases like ringworm and itching or body scratch and psoriasis.
  • The alcoholic or vinegar maceration of pounded fresh leaves is used externally to treat eczema and dermatomycosis.
  • Decoction of the fruit of Cassia Tora is used in the treatment of fever.
  • Since the herb acts as a kapha and vata dosha suppressant, it acts as a nerve tonic.
  • It is consumed in worm infestation and cures the infection occurring in the body.
  • Cassia Tora acts as a liver stimulant, mild laxative and heart tonic.
  • The herb helps the body in maintaining the normal level of cholesterol.
  • Its paste is used for treating skin ailments and also for getting rid of chronic diseases.
  • Cassia Tora proves worthwhile in treating piles and hemorrhoids as well as relieving the pain caused on excretion.
  • Its powder proves useful in combating indigestion, toning up heart muscles and purifying blood.
  • The juice extracted from its leaves is used in case of skin ailments, rashes and allergies. It is also used as an antidote in case of various poisonings.
  • The leaves ad seeds of Cassia Tora are useful in leprosy, flatulence, colic, dyspepsia, constipation, cough, bronchitis and cardiac disorders.
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