Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Benefits of Black Salt, Kala Namak

Black Salt is popular as Kala Namak. Black Salt is a Natural Herb, according to Ayurveda studies it has many benefits for Human Health.

Black Salt, Kala Namak Benefits Arizone International LLP Vapi

Benefits of Black Salt, Kala Namak:

  • Have problem using synthetic products for the Hair...!!! Do not worry. Try something better. Black Salt would be a good option. It not only strengthens your hair but also treats other Hair Problems like Dandruff, Split Ends and Hair fall. It contains minerals which helps the Hair to grow healthy and gives the Hair a lustrous and shiny look.
  • It counters the problem of Hysteria.
  • It Strengthens the metabolic system. It helps in countering problem of High Blood Pressure.
  • Problem of Poor Eyesight??? Have some Black Salt in your diet and improve your Eyesight.
  • It is effective for Nose Bleeds.
  • Black Salt consumption is helpful for treatment of Oral Problem like Toothache.
  • It is a good herbal remedy for the ailment of Thyroid Gland, Goiter.
  • It is a beneficial herb for the Skin. Take a bath with Black Salt water and it will heal all Skin Problems.
  • It treats Liver Disorder, Jaundice.
  • It has Laxative properties. It helps in proper Bowel Movements and treats the problem of Constipation.

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Benefits and Usage of Black Pepper Powder

Black Pepper Powder can also be used rather than to spice up our dishes or to add flavor to food.


Health Benefits :

  • Helps prevent cancer - According to a study carried out by the University of Michigan Cancer Center, black pepper was found to prevent the development of breast cancer tumors. They found that the piperine content of black pepper plays a key role in preventing cancers.
  • Helps in digestion - The piperine content of black pepper makes it a great digestive. It stimulates the taste buds to signal the stomach to produce more hydrochloric acid. This acid is essential to digest proteins and other foods in the stomach, which when left undigested cause flatulence, indigestion, diarrhoea, constipation and acidity.
  • Helps you lose weight - The outer layer of peppercorn assists in the breakdown of fat cells. Therefore, peppery foods are a good way to help you shed weight naturally.
  • Can give you healthy skin - Pepper helps to cure Vitiligo, which is a skin disease that causes some areas of skin to lose its normal pigmentation and turn white. It also reduces the chances of skin cancer due to excessive ultraviolet radiation.
  • Beats Dandruff - Ditch those anti dandruff shampoos, try using pepper instead. Because of its antibacterial and anti inflammatory properties, pepper is great to get rid of dandruff. Mix a teaspoonful of crushed black pepper in a cup of curd. Mix well and apply on the scalp. Leave in for about half an hour. Rinse out your hair well. Do not use shampoo at this stage. Wash your hair with shampoo the next day. Make sure you do not use too much pepper, it may cause your scalp to burn.

Medicinal uses :

  • Peppers have been used therapeutically in dentistry as an antiseptic for tooth-decay and gum swellings.
  • Peppercorns are also being used as traditional medicines in treating flatulence and indigestion, however, there is little or no data to support these claims in modern medicine.

Culinary uses :

  • Black peppercorns along with other spices and seasonings are used to marinate chicken, fish, and meat.
  • The spice is used liberally in Indian vegetarian and chicken curries and in the Middle-East, in meat and rice dishes.
  • They can be used in the preparation of soups, barbecue sauces, pickling and as a main ingredient in variety of curry powders (Indian garam masala powder).
  • Although preferred in savoury foods, this spice is also used in tiny quantities in sweet preparations like fruitcakes, breads, pies to add a spicy note.
  • Cubeb peppers mainly feature in Indonesian curries.

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Friday, 19 December 2014

Benefits and Usage of Sesame Seed

Sesame Seeds may be tiny, but they have huge benefits. They were worth their weight in gold during the Middle Ages, and for many good reasons.

Sesame Seeds Arizone International LLP Vapi


Health Benefits:

  • Full of Great Protein - Sesame seeds are full of high quality protein making up 20 percent of the seed with 4.7 grams of protein per ounce.
  • Helps Prevent Diabetes - Sesame seeds contain magnesium and other nutrients. Sesame oil has been shown to prevent diabetes, and it can also improve plasma glucose in hypersensitive diabetics.
  • Reduces Blood Pressure - The same study above reveals how sesame oil lowers blood pressure in diabetics. Sesame seeds are full of magnesium – a key nutrient known to help lower blood pressure.
  • Lowers Cholesterol - Sesame helps lower cholesterol levels, because it contains phytosterols that block cholesterol production. Black sesame seeds are especially high in phytosterols.
  • Good for Digestion - The high fiber content of sesame seeds helps the intestines with elimination.
  • For Healthy Skin - The high zinc content helps produce collagen, giving skin more elasticity and helping repair damaged body tissues. Regular use of sesame oil can reduce skin cancer. Learn more about Sesame Benefits For Your Skin.
  • Prevents Cancer - Sesame seeds contain anti-cancer compounds including phytic acid, magnesium and phytosterols. Sesame seeds have the highest phytosterol content of all seeds and nuts.
  • Relieves Arthritis - The high copper content in sesame seeds prevents and relieves arthritis, and strengthens bones, joints and blood vessels.
  • Prevents Wrinkles - Sesame seed oil prevents harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun from damaging your skin, thus preventing the appearance of wrinkles and pigmentation.
  • Hair Benefits - Sesame seed oil is full of nutrients which are needed for a healthy scalp and hair.

Culinary Uses:

  • Dry, roasted sesame seeds and vegetable oil are ground into a thin light brown color paste known as tahini. Tahini is one of the main ingredients in famous middle-eastern dip, hummus.
  • Dry fried seeds sprinkled over toasts, biscuits, breads, cakes, salads, stir fries, etc.
  • The seeds are used in many traditional south-Indian sweet delicacies, often mixed with roasted peanuts, almonds, and jaggery.
  • Roasted and crushed seeds often sprinkled over salads, desserts, particularly sundaes and other cream based preparations.
  • Sesame oil obtained from the seeds is one of the most sought after cooking oil in Malaysia, Indonesia and southern states of rural India.

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Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Benefits and Usage of Moringa Seeds

Benefits and Usage of Moringa Seeds Arizone International LLP Vapi

  • Used for their antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties to treat arthritis, rheumatism, gout, cramp, sexually transmitted diseases and boils. The seeds are roasted, pounded, mixed with coconut oil and applied to the problem area. Seed oil can be used for the same ailments.
  • Roasted seeds and oil can encourage urination.
  • They can also be used as a relaxant for epilepsy.
  • Moringa seeds are effective against skin-infecting bacteria Staphylococcus aureus and Pseudomonas aeruginosa. They contain the potent antibiotic and fungicide terygospermin.
  • Moringa Seeds also offer great antioxidant benefits. They contain lots of vitamin A, C, B complex and other free radical busters that save our body from severe oxidative damages. In other words, the antioxidant properties of the seeds can help us take care of our health on the whole.
  • Moringa Seeds can reduce the amount of oxidized lipids in our body and take care of our cardiac health by safeguarding the heart tissues from constructional damages.
  • The oil extracted from moringa seeds can be used as natural moisturizer. It nourishes our skin and makes it healthy as well as glowing.
  • Vitamin A and zinc present in moringa seeds are known to promote our hair growth considerably. Vitamin A takes care of our scalp and hair tissues by nourishing, repairing and maintaining them in a proper way, while zinc boosts our immune system and keeps the sebaceous glands on our scalp unclogged at the same time. Thus, both of these nutrients can accelerate the growth of our hair effectively.

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Benefits Of Peanuts

Peanuts are enriched with many health-benefiting nutrients essential for health and wellness. 

Peanuts, Health Benefits Of Peanut, Peanut Skin Benefits, Benefits Of Peanuts, Usage Of Peanuts, Arizone International LLP Vapi

Health Benefits:

  • Cholesterol - It lowers bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol in the body. Peanuts contain mono-unsaturated fatty acids especially oleic acid that prevents coronary diseases.
  • Fights Stomach Cancer - Poly-phenolic anti-oxidants are present in the peanuts in high concentrations. P-Coumaric acid has the ability to reduce the risk of stomach cancer by reducing the productions of carcinogenic nitrous-amines.
  • Vitamins - Peanuts contain B complex, vitamins like niacin, riboflavin, thiamin, vitamin B6, vitamin B9, pantothenic acid etc.
  • Minerals - Potassium, manganese, copper, calcium, magnesium, iron, selenium and zinc are some of the minerals present in peanuts. These play an important role in many different body functions.
  • Regulates Blood Sugar - Manganese in peanuts helps in calcium absorption, fats and carbohydrates metabolism and sugar level regulation in blood.
  • Fights Depression - Tryptophan in peanuts increases the release of this chemical and thus helps you fight depression.

Skin Benefits: 

  • The anti-inflammatory properties of peanuts treat skin disorders like psoriasis and eczema. The fatty acids present in peanuts also reduce swelling and skin redness.
  • Peanuts contain a relatively good amount of fatty acids which is believed to be critical to the brain’s nerve cells. This brain friendly cell helps with stress management and mood swings to prevent various skin disorders like wrinkles, fine line and dullness.
  • Fiber in nuts is essential for the elimination of toxins and waste. Toxins inside the body reflect on our outside appearance, causing breakout, dullness and excess oil.
  • Peanut is loaded with magnesium which calms our nerve, muscles and blood vessels to provide better blood flow to the skin. This, in turn, gives you a youthful and healthy skin.
  • Peanuts are very effective for treating skin problems like pustules, skin rashes and rosacea.

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Monday, 15 December 2014

Benefits and Usage of Red Chilli Powder

Red Chilli Powder can set the taste buds on fire and generally used to add spice to food. 


Health Benefits:

  • Capsaicin - Chillies have vitamin C and Vitamin A containing beta-carotenoids which are powerful antioxidant. These antioxidants destroy free radical bodies. Usually, these radical bodies may travel in the body and cause huge amounts of damage to cells. These radical bodies could damage nerve and blood vessel in diabetes.
  • Detoxicants - Chillies acts as detoxifiers as they removes waste products from our body and increases supply nutrients to the tissues. It also acts as gastrointestinal detoxicants helping in digestion of food.
  • Pain killer - Chillies stimulates the release of endorphins that are natural pain killers. It relieves pain caused due to shingles, bursitis, diabetic neuropathy and muscle spasm in shoulders, and extremities. It also helps in relieving arthritic pains in the extremities.
  • Antibiotic - Chillies brings fresh blood to the site of the infection. The fresh blood fights infection. The white blood cells and leukocytes present in the fresh blood fights viruses.
  • Brain - Capsaicin stimulates brain to excrete endorphin and gives a sense of pleasure when ingested. This is the reason people get addicted to Chilli.
  • Cancer - It has been noted that vitamin C, beta-carotene and folic acid found in Chilli reduces the risk of colon cancer. Chilies such as red pepper have cartonoid lycopene, which prevents cancer disease.
  • Heart Attack - Chillies have vitamin B6 and folic acid. The vitamin B reduces high homocysteine level. High homocysteine levels have been shown to cause damage to blood vessels and are associated with a greatly increased risk of heart attack and stroke. It also converts homocysteine into other molecules which is beneficial to lower cholesterol level.
  • Lung Disease - Chillies gives relief from nasal congestion by increasing the metabolism. It also dilates airway of lungs which reduces asthma and wheezing. It relieves chronic congestion in people who are heavy drinkers.

Medicinal Uses:

  • Chilli peppers contain chemical compound capsaicin. Capsaicin and its co-compounds used in the preparation of ointments, rubs and tinctures for their astringent, counter-irritant and analgesic properties.
  • These formulations have been in use in the treatment of arthritic pain, post-herpetic neuropathic pain, sore muscles, etc.
  • Scientific studies on experimental mammals suggest that capsaicin has anti-bacterial, anti-carcinogenic, analgesic and anti-diabetic properties. It also found to reduce LDL cholesterol levels in obese persons. 


Culinary Uses:

  • Fresh raw bell peppers and other  sweet, mild variety peppers are being used as vegetables in cuisines in many parts of the world.
  • Chopped peppers are being used in the preparation of  Chilli sauce, pizzas, rolls, and in variety of dishes using fish, meat and chicken in many Central American and European regions.
  • Dried Chilli powder is an important ingredient in the spice mix known as curry powder in many Asian countries.
  • Hot Chillies used as a condiment in the preparation of soups, chili sauce, spicy water, vinegar-spice mix, etc.
  • Chillies, soaked in yogurt and then dried under sunlight, are used as condiment side-dish which served during dinner time in south-Indian states.

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Sunday, 14 December 2014

Benefits of Cumin Seeds

Cumin is a common kitchen herb that has many hidden benefits.


 Skin Benefits:

  • Treatment of Boils - Boils are outlet for the elimination of toxic substances and foreign matters such as microbes etc. Occurrence of boils indicates the accumulation of toxic substances in the body. Regular usage of cumin in your food helps in keeping your skin free from boils, rashes, pimples etc. This is because it has components such as Cuminaldehyde, Thymol and phosphorus which are good detoxifying agents. They help in facilitating regular removal of toxins from the body through the excretory system and not through boils.
  • Treatment of Skin Disorders - Cumin has a high content of vitamin E which keeps your skin healthy and glowing. Besides, the essential oils, cumin have disinfectant and anti-fungal properties which protect your skin from fungal and microbial infections. Topical application of cumin paste on boils, pimples, eczema, psoriasis and other skin disorders facilitates quick healing. A dash of ground cumin powder can also be added to your face pack to treat skin issues. Cumin is also a good source of dietary fiber which helps in the cleaning process and removes toxins.
  • Anti-ageing Benefits - Vitamin E present in cumin triggers the anti-ageing processes within the body, thus preventing pre mature ageing symptoms. It acts as an antioxidant to combat the free radicals that attack the skin and cause signs of ageing like wrinkles, age spots and sagging skin. This combination of antioxidant effect and antibacterial capacity of cumin provides you with a healthy, beautiful skin that lasts far into your old age.
  • Treatment of Burning Sensation - Drinking cumin water can relieve the burning sensation of the palms and the soles.
    • All you need to do is add one teaspoon of cumin seeds to 4 litres of water and boil.
    • Remove it from the heat and keep it covered.
    • You can drink this water whenever you feel thirsty as well as after your meals.
    • It is advisable to drink it warm in order to reap greater benefits.
  • Cumin Face Pack for Glowing Skin - You can prepare a face pack by mixing finely ground turmeric and cumin in the ratio 3: 1.
    • In order to prepare a peel off face mask, you can use honey instead of water to mix both the ingredients.
    • Apply this on your face and wait till it dries up.
    • Wash off.
    • This will make your skin smooth and glowing.
    • Honey can soothe the inflamed tissue and prevents the spices from becoming too dry.
    • If you have sunburns or acne prone or blotchy skin, you can mix plain organic yoghurt with the spices.
    • Apply some jojoba oil after washing off your face.
  • Hair Benefits of Cumin -  Our hair is composed of many nutrients such as protein, fat, water and carbohydrates. These nutrients are required to enable proper growth of hair. Black cumin contains more than 100 nutrients and vitamins to replenish your hair, thus providing you with a healthy mane. Benefits of cumin for hair are surplus, let’s have a look at few of them.

Health Benefits:

  • Blood Levels - Cumin helps to lower blood sugar levels and thus helps in maintaining proper blood content levels in the body. This is a great boon for people suffering from Diabetes.
  • Iron - Cumin seeds are very rich in iron, which makes it an essential natural health ingredient. This iron content helps to treat anemia, makes blood rich in hemoglobin content and also helps in acting as a carrier of oxygen to the cells in the body.
  • Fights Asthma - Cumin seeds contain Thymoquinone, which reduces inflammatory processes and other mediators that cause asthma. They also act as a bronchodilator.
  • Immunity - This is achieved by its anti-oxidant characteristics that fight against impurities and free radicals. This helps in making the body’s immunity better in combating diseases.
  • Digestion - Enzymes present in cumin help to breakdown foods and thus aid in digestion.
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Saturday, 13 December 2014

Healt Benefits of Dill Seed

Dill's unique health benefits come from two types of healing components: monoterpenes, including carvone, limonene, and anethofuran; and flavonoids, including kaempferol and vicenin.

Protection Against Free Radicals and Carcinogens

The monoterpene components of dill have been shown to activate the enzyme glutathione-S-transferase, which helps attach the anti-oxidant molecule glutathione to oxidized molecules that would otherwise do damage in the body. The activity of dill's volatile oils qualify it as a "chemoprotective" food that can help neutralize particular types of carcinogens, such as the benzopyrenes that are part of cigarette smoke, charcoal grill smoke, and the smoke produced by trash incinerators.

An Anti-Bacterial Spice

The total volatile oil portion of dill has also been studied for its ability to prevent bacterial overgrowth. In this respect, dill shares the stage with garlic, which has also been shown to have "bacteriostatic" or bacteria-regulating effects.

A Flavorful Way to Help Prevent Bone Loss

In addition to its chemoprotective and bacteriostatic properties, our food ranking system qualified dill as a very good source of calcium. Calcium is important for reducing the bone loss that occurs after menopause and in some conditions, such as rheumatoid arthritis. Our food ranking system also qualified dill as a good source of dietary fiber and a good source of the minerals manganese, iron and magnesium.

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Friday, 12 December 2014

Health Benefits and Side Effects of Cassia Tora Seed


Health Benefits:

  • The seeds of Cassia are used for common problems related to kidney, intestine, liver and vision.
  • Cassia seed extract is also used for dying purposes.
  • It is used as an alternative to coffee.
  • Its consumption removes intense heat from the liver.
  • Eases the bowel movement.
  • Cassia seeds along with dodder and wolfberry seeds provide nourishment to intestine.
  • It helps in improving the vision and cures blurred vision, redness, itchiness, congestion or light sensitivity caused by hot wind conditions.
  • Cassia seeds act as a laxative and can cure constipation caused due to heat accumulation in the intestine.
  • Cassia seed extract can inhibit fungal growth.
  • Cassia seeds paste is used for treatment of various skin ailments such as snake bite and other parasitic disorders.
  • Cassia seeds can also lower the blood pressure and cholesterol.

Side Effects:

  • It contains chemicals such as obtusin, chrysophanol, aurantio-obtusin which are of benefit to us, but can also lead to irritable bowel syndrome, obesity and psoriasis.
  • It can cause uterus contraction.
  • It has some gastrointestinal side effects such as diarrhea, gas and nausea.

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Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Usage of Ajvain Seeds

Health benefits of Ajvain:

  • Ajvain seeds contain health benefiting essential oils such as thymol, a monopterone derivative class of chemical compound, which gives aromatic fragrances to seeds. In addition, they also compose of small amounts other phyto-chemicals such as pinene, cymene, limonene and terpinene.
  • The active principles in the Ajvain may help increase the digestive function of the intestinal tract by facilitating release of gut juices.
  • Thymol, the essential oil obtained from Ajvain has local anaesthetic, anti-bacterial and antifungal properties.
  • Likewise in caraway, Ajvain seeds are rich in fiber, minerals, vitamins, and anti-oxidants.

Medicinal Uses:

  • Ajvain seeds have long been used in traditional ayurvedic and unani medicines for various ailments. Extraction obtained from this spice is sometimes used as carminative in treating flatulence and indigestion.
  • Thymol's germicide and antiseptic properties can be employed in the preparation of cough remedies. In India, the seeds decoction often used to ease asthma.
  • Ajvain seed oil has the highest percentage of thymol.


Culinary uses:

Ajvain seeds mainly feature in savory Indian, Pakistani, and Middle-Eastern cooking. In order to keep fragrance and flavor intact, the seeds are generally ground just before preparing dishes and added to the cooking recipes at final stages. This is done so because, prolonged cooking may result in evaporation of its essential oils.
  • In Punjab province of India and Pakistan, the spice seeds particularly added to make bread known as ajwain paratha.
  • Some Indian vegetarian bean/lentil and chicken/fish curries contain this spice, and in the Middle East, it is used to flavor meat and rice dishes.
  • The seeds used generously as condiment in snacks, spicy biscuits, cookies, to flavor drinks, soups, sauces in India.
  • They also used in pickling along with fenugreek, mustard seeds, turmeric, etc.

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Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Uses & Side Effects of Psyllium Husk




Psyllium Husk is known to help soften stool, it is an effective way to reduce the pain and discomfort associated with hemorrhoids. Take 1 teaspoon of psyllium husk mixed in a warm glass of water or milk twice daily. It is recommended to drink 6-8 glasses of fluids throughout the day when using this Psyllium husk remedy. 


Studies suggest that the various constituents of psyllium husk can help lower blood sugar levels. Therefore, a simple remedy to treat Diabetes is to take 1 tablespoon of Psyllium Husk mixed into a glass of water or apple juice twice per day.

Weight Loss:

Many dietitians believe that incorporating psyllium and other sources of fiber into the diet can help people lose weight faster. This is possible since psyllium can cause a feeling of fullness, which can reduce our sensation of hunger. Therefore, adding 1 teaspoon of psyllium to a glass of water or apple juice before each meal may be an effective way to increase weight loss. Be sure to drink at least 6-8 glasses of water throughout the day when using this remedy, and combine it with a regular daily exercise routine.

High Cholesterol:

Psyllium is well studied as a lipid-lowering agent. The high levels of soluble fiber and linoleic acid in Psyllium stimulate the production of cholesterol-lowering bile acids and reduce the amount of cholesterol absorption by the body. Therefore, a simple remedy for high cholesterol is to take 1 teaspoon of Psyllium husk 3 times a day. It is recommended to drink lots of fluids when using this remedy. 


Psyllium Husk is a common ingredient in many over-the-counter constipation products, since it is a high source of fiber and it acts as a bulk-forming laxative. In other words, it helps increase the volume of fecal matter, which stimulates a reflex contraction of the bowel walls that helps the stool pass smoothly. 


Psyllium Husk is an effective natural remedy for diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome and inflammatory bowel disease. Psyllium's properties help to soak up a significant amount of excess water in the digestive tract and make stool firmer. Simply take 1-2 tbsp of Psyllium husk 2-3 times daily until bowel movements are normal.

Side Effects

  • It is recommended to talk to your doctor before taking psyllium if you are currently taking medications for diabetes or cholesterol. Do not take psyllium if you have swallowing problems, intestinal obstructions, or have recently undergone bowel surgery.
  • Psyllium doesn't have any known side effects if consumed moderately with plenty of water. However, some people may be allergic to psyllium, so if you notice any rash, hives, itchiness or swollen skin, stop the use of Psyllium husk and consult your physician.
  • If you are taking any other medication, it is recommended to take Psyllium at least one hour after the medication. This is important since the thick mucilage formed by psyllium may engulf the medication, which significantly reduces the medication's effectiveness.  

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Monday, 8 December 2014

Fennel Seed Benefits

Health Benefits of Fennel Seeds:

  • Strength - Fennel is a symbol of strength and longevity. It was also believed by ancient Greeks to increase one’s courage.
  • Antioxidants - Apart from being used for adding flavor, it is also used for various health benefits that are derived from its anti-oxidants. These anti-oxidants are essential to curb unwanted free radical reactions in the body.
  • Dietary Fibers - Fennel seeds contain a good amount of dietary fiber that is essential for the body. The fiber content helps improve digestion in the body, by facilitating timely breaking down of food molecules that make energy reactions possible.
  • Cancer - The carcinogenic diseases should be treated at the right stage so that their effect can be curbed or eliminated in the future. This is made possible by the anti-oxidant capabilities of the fennel seeds.
  • Neurological Diseases Prevention - Another effect of prevention of free radical reactions by fennel seeds – Neurological diseases are helpfully kept at bay.
  • Cholesterol Absorption - Cholesterol absorption in the arteries is prevented by the action of the fiber binding to the bile salts. Fiber present in fennel seeds decreases re-absorption of cholesterol thereby preventing any heart related diseases.
  • Oil Compounds - A number of volatile oil compounds like myrcene, fenchone, chavicol, cineole are present in these seeds that assist in digestive, carminative and anti-oxidant reactions in the body.
  • Red Blood Cells - Production of Red Blood Cells is enhanced by the consumption of Fennel Seeds. Copper, which is required by the body for the production of red blood cells, is present in these seeds. 
  • Growth and Development - The growth and development of the body is geared-up. Zinc, found in the fennel seeds, promotes regular growth and development.
  • Heart Rate and Blood Pressure - The potassium content in fennel seed helps in maintaining the blood pressure and hence the heart rate is also maintained.

 Skin Benefits of Fennel Seeds:

  • When consumed, fennel imparts a cooling effect to the skin. It soothes inflammation and skin irritation.
  • Fennel tea, when consumed on a daily basis, helps in improving the overall texture of the skin. It treats acne and makes your skin look youthful. While there is always an easier option of buying good quality readymade fennel tea, it is equally effective if you can make your own fennel tea by combining crushed fennel seeds and boiling water.
  • Loaded with anti-oxidant properties, it is useful in fighting the signs of aging.
  • Fennel seeds, when consumed daily, provide the body with minerals like iron, zinc, selenium and calcium. These minerals are effective in maintaining the oxygen balance, thus imparting healthy skin.
  • Fennel seeds serve your skin by providing various vitamins, which in turn provides younger looking skin.

Hair Benefit of Fennel Seeds:

  • Treat dandruff
  • Treat itchiness and bumps on the scalp
  • Prevent hair breakage
  • Treat shedding of hair strands 
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Sunday, 7 December 2014

Benefits of Mustard Seeds

Health Benefits:

  • Cancer Treatment - The presence of compounds like glucosinolates and mirosinase in mustard seeds are known to use phytochemicals to inhibit the growth of cancer cells. This is definitely a major mustard seeds health benefit.
  • Rheumatic Arthritis - Mustard seeds are a source of relief for people having rheumatic arthritis. The selenium and magnesium content in it helps in providing relief from this problem.
  • Migraine - Migraine occurrence also reduces owing to the magnesium content present in the mustard seed. A little touch of mustard to your fish can boost the constituting omega-3 content.
  • Respiration Congestion - Mustard seeds or mustard in general is known to relieve any congestion problems in respiration.
  • Nightshades - Mustard seeds should find an inclusion in your list of daily spices if you want to avoid nightshades.
  • Disease Prevention - There are certain nutrients in mustard seeds that prevent diseases from occurring. They are all a part of the basic structure of the Brassica family to which mustard belongs.
  • Dietary Fibre - Mustard seeds are a good source of dietary fibres that improve digestion in the body. They make the bowel movements better, thus improving the overall metabolism of the body. The fibre content here is mostly very readily soluble making it effective for use.
  • Cancer Risk Prevention - Selenium content in mustard seeds provides good resistance to the body against cancer cell formation. It is known to slow down the rate of development of cancer cells and also acts as an anti-oxidant.
  • Blood Pressure and Menopausal Relief - A number of nutrients present in mustard seeds like copper, iron, magnesium and selenium also assist in the treatment of blood pressure and menopause relief.
  • Asthma - Mustard seeds are also known to be beneficial for Asthma patients. The presence of minerals like copper, magnesium, iron and selenium in it are responsible for the prevention of Asthma Attacks.

Skin Benefits:

  • Natural Scrub - Mustard seeds are a natural scrub. You can add it to either lavender or rose essential oil. Use this mix to scrub your face and exfoliate dead skin. 
  • Hydrates Skin - Mustard seeds, used with aloe vera gel, can act as a great combination to hydrate your skin. It removes all impurities from your face and nourishes it from within.
  • Slows Aging - Mustard seeds make for a great source of carotene and lutein. It is also a great power house of vitamin A, C and K. Together these nutrients make for an excellent antioxidant.
  • Fights Infections - These seeds contain a good amount of sulphur which is known for its anti-fungal properties. They help ward off skin infections.

Hair Benefits:

  • Hair Growth - Mustard oil, extracted from mustard seeds, is a good source of Vitamin A. Vitamin A is a great nutrient for hair growth. It is also a great stimulant which leads to faster hair growth.
  • Strengthens Hair - Mustard seeds contain protein, calcium, vitamin A and E, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. All of these together strengthen your hair from within. Strengthened hair means lesser hair fall too.
  • Conditions - Mustard seeds contain fatty acids. These are known to condition your hair from deep within. It also gives hair a good shine and bounce.

Other Benefits:

  • Removes Odour - If your jars start to smell like the spices or ingredients you store in them, using mustard seeds can help. Warm a little water and add it to the jar. Also add a little mustard seed paste to the jar and shake it well. Pour it out. You would be surprised how the smell goes away.
  • Relieves Muscle Pains - Stiff muscles or sore and aching muscles can be treated with mustard seeds too. Just soak yourself in a tub of warm water. Now add some mustard seeds powder to the same to relieve pain.
  • Treats Cold - Mustard is often used to relieve congestion caused by bad cough or cold.
  • Treats Back Pain - The extract of mustard seeds is useful in relieving spasms and back pain.
  • Treats Fever - Mustard seeds induce heavy sweating, which is used to lower fever. It helps release the toxins from the body and has been useful in flu and cold too.
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Saturday, 6 December 2014

Guar Gum Applications & Usage


Food and Pharmaceutical:
  • Guar Gum in pure form when used in the ice creams acts as a superior stabiliser and gives the right texture by preventing the formation of coarse ice crystals. Guar Gum is used as a thickener and stabiliser in food and pharmaceuticals.
  • The present trend is to use agro-based Guar Gum only for Ice cream, without any Additives or Preservatives, in place of Carboxymethyl Cellulose (CMC), which is a chemical derivative of cellulose and therefore objectionable, in Europe, Japan and America for Food Products.
  • In squashes, sauces and sherbets, it functions as a suspending agent and as a stabiliser. It has got a low calorific food value, and it is an excellent bulk laxative. It is used as a suspending agent for Calamine and Barium Sulphate. It increases the mechanical strength of tablets during pressing. It readily disperses in water. It is used in jellies and ointments as a thickener. It imparts good viscosity and gives better foam stability in shampoos. It is compatible with glycerol and is used in tooth-pastes.
  • Guar Gum is used in the Bakery Industry, in Bread, Pastry, Cakes and Cookies. On dry mixing prior to dough making in Bread, it helps to retain moisture and hence the weight of Bread.
  • It keeps the Bread smooth, pliable and fresh for longer time and imparts milky white bleached appearance to Bread.
Grass Growing / Erosion Control:
  • Guar Gum has a major application in the grass growing and erosion control industry where it is used as a water binder to retain moisture on the soil surface, particularly on slopes where the addition of Guar Gum to the water systems will help to anchor the hydro seeding mixture to the slopes and seal in the moisture.
  • It is used in systems that protect against hydraulic lift and shear forces created by high-volume discharges, so whether grass is grown on slopes, channels, or straight-aways, from roadside to residential lawns, golf users to athletic fields to parks, using Guar Gum prevents soil erosion and enhances grass growing.
  • Guar Gum is soluble in cold and hot water and this solution is not attacked by Bacteria. Guar Gum Protective colloid forming capacity results in emulsion stabilization. 
  • It is also a good thickener and suspending agent in Cosmetics.
  • Guar Gum is used as a binder in the fish feed pellets. The binder keeps the pellets from disintegrating quickly when placed in water and greatly reduces the consumption of fish feed in the pond.


  • Diarrhea - Adding guar gum to the tube feeding formula given to critical care patients may shorten episodes of diarrhea from about 30 days to about 8 days.
  • High Cholesterol - Taking guar gum seems to lower cholesterol levels in people with high cholesterol. Guar gum and pectin, taken with small amounts of insoluble fiber, also lower total and “bad” low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol, but don't affect “good” high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol or other blood fats called triglycerides.
  • Diabetes - Taking guar gum with meals seems to lower blood sugar after meals in people with diabetes. By slowing stomach emptying, guar gum may also lessen after-meal drops in blood pressure that occur frequently in people with diabetes.
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Thursday, 4 December 2014

Cumin Powder

Cumin Powder

Dry roast the cumin seeds till you notice a strong aroma. Cool down completely and grind to a fine powder. It is also called Jeera Powder in Hindi.

 Culinary Uses:

  • Added to buttermilk to aid digestion and enhance flavor.
  • Preferred seasoning as it brings out the natural flavor of foods.
  • Commonly used to temper many other legume and tandoori preparations, to enhance the flavor and aroma.

Health Benefits:

  • It aids in increasing lactation.
  • As it reduces nausea in pregnancy, it can be a good solution for morning sickness.  
  • Cumin stimulates the appetite.
  • It can help boost the liver's ability to detoxify the body.
  • It may help relieve symptoms of cold due to its antiseptic properties. 
  • Cumin can help increase body heat, thus improving metabolism.
  • It is used as a stimulant and an antispasmodic, and is also said to relieve nausea and diarrhea.
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Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Red Chili Powder

Red Chili Powder

Chili powder also known as chili powder, chile powder or chilli powder is the dried, pulverized fruit of one or more varieties of chili pepper, sometimes with the addition of other spices.

Culinary Uses:

  • Chilli powder is commonly used in Indian cuisine to make foods spicier.
  • Used it moderation it adds a lovely red glow and sharp flavour to dishes without making it unpalatable.
  • Include in any pot of beans or with baked corn and casseroles.
  • It can be used to make marinades for paneer or sliced vegetables.
  • It adds a wonderful spicy touch to tomato-based sauces.

Chili Powder Health Benefits:

  • Fight Inflammation - Chili peppers contain a substance called capsaicin, which gives peppers their characteristic pungence, producing mild to intense spice when eaten. Capsaicin is a potent inhibitor of substance P, a neuropeptide associated with inflammatory processes. The hotter the chili pepper, the more capsaicin it contains. The hottest varieties include habanero and Scotch bonnet peppers. Jalapenos are next in their heat and capsaicin content, followed by the milder varieties, including Spanish pimentos, and Anaheim and Hungarian cherry peppers.
  • Natural Pain Relief - Topical capsaicin is now a recognized treatment option for osteoarthritis pain. Several review studies of pain management for diabetic neuropathy have listed the benefits of topical capsaicin to alleviate disabling pain associated with this condition.
  • Cardiovascular Benefits - Red chili peppers, such as cayenne, have been shown to reduce blood cholesterol, triglyceride levels, and platelet aggregation, while increasing the body's ability to dissolve fibrin, a substance integral to the formation of blood clots. Cultures where hot pepper is used liberally have a much lower rate of heart attack, stroke and pulmonary embolism.
  • Clear Congestion - Capsaicin not only reduces pain, but its peppery heat also stimulates secretions that help clear mucus from your stuffed up nose or congested lungs.
  • Boost Immunity - The bright color of red chili peppers signals its high content of beta-carotene or pro-vitamin A. Just two teaspoons of red chili peppers provide about 6% of the daily value for vitamin C coupled with more than 10% of the daily value for vitamin A. Often called the anti-infection vitamin, vitamin A is essential for healthy mucous membranes, which line the nasal passages, lungs, intestinal tract and urinary tract and serve as the body's first line of defense against invading pathogens.
  • Help Stop the Spread of Prostate Cancer - Red chili peppers' capsaicin, the compound responsible for their pungent heat, stops the spread of prostate cancer cells through a variety of mechanisms.
  • Prevent Stomach Ulcers - Chili peppers have a bad—and mistaken—reputation for contributing to stomach ulcers. Not only do they not cause ulcers, they can help prevent them by killing bacteria you may have ingested, while stimulating the cells lining the stomach to secrete protective buffering juices.
  • Lose Weight - All that heat you feel after eating hot chili peppers takes energy—and calories to produce. Even sweet red peppers have been found to contain substances that significantly increase thermogenesis and oxygen consumption for more than 20 minutes after they are eaten.
  •  Lower Risk of Type 2 Diabetes - Making chili pepper a frequently enjoyed spice in your Healthiest Way of Eating could help reduce your risk of hyperinsulinemia i.e. high blood levels of insulin — a disorder associated with type 2 diabetes.
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Black Pepper Powder

Black Pepper Powder

Black pepper is the fruit of the black pepper plant from the Piperaceae family and is used as both a spice and a medicine. The chemical piperine, which is present in black pepper, causes the spiciness. Since ancient times, black pepper is one of the most widely traded spices in the world. It is not considered a seasonal plant and is therefore available throughout the year. When dried, this plant-derived spice is referred to as a peppercorn, and is then ground into a powder to be put on food to add flavor and spice.

Health Benefits of Black Pepper Powder:

  • Good for the Stomach - Pepper increases the hydrochloric acid secretion in the stomach, thereby facilitating digestion. Proper digestion is essential to avoid diarrhea, constipation and colic.
  • Skin Health - Pepper helps to cure Vitiligo, which is a skin disease that causes some areas of skin to lose its normal pigmentation and turn white. According to researchers in London, the piperine content of pepper can stimulate the skin to produce pigment. Topical treatment of piperine combined with ultra violet light therapy is much better than the other harsher, more chemically-based treatments for vitiligo. It also reduces the chances of skin cancer due to excessive ultraviolet radiation.
  • Respiratory Relief - In Ayurvedic practices, pepper is added to tonics for colds and coughs. Pepper also provides relief from sinusitis and nasal congestion. It has an expectorant property that helps to break up the mucus and phlegm depositions in the respiratory tract, and its natural irritant quality helps you to expel these loosened material through the act of sneezing or coughing, which eliminates the material from the body.
  • According to Ayurvedic medicine, black pepper also helps to prevent ear-aches and gangrene. It is also good for conditions of hernia, hoarseness and insect bites. It is also commonly used to treat conditions of tooth decay and toothache. In ancient times, pepper was also administered to treat vision problems.
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Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Black Salt Powder

Black Salt Powder

Black salt is a pinkish coloured salt infused with sulfurous herbs and spices. The distinct flavour of this salt is what makes it unique from table salt and sea salt.


Indian black salt consists primarily of sodium chloride, which is the main component of table salt, and trace impurities that include sulfates, sulfides, iron and magnesium. The sodium chloride provides the salty taste, the iron sulfide provides its pinkish-grey color and the hydrogen sulfide provides its distinctive smell. Hydrogen sulfide is also one of the causes of rotten egg odor, although Indian black salt is often said to resemble the smell of boiled egg yolks.

Health Benefits:

Indian black salt is considered a cooling spice in ayurvedic medicine and is recommended for many health issues such as constipation, indigestion, heartburn, bloating, flatulence, goiter, poor eyesight and hysteria, according to the book “Herbs that Heal.” In India, black salt is sometimes recommended to people on low-salt diets due to hypertension because it’s believed to be lower in sodium content compared to regular table salt. Of course, the composition of Indian black salt varies quite a bit and depends mainly on whether it’s manufactured using traditional or modern techniques. Synthetically made black salt has a sodium content very near to regular table salt. Discuss your salt options with your doctor if you have high blood pressure.

Cooking Benefits:

Indian black salt is used extensively on Indian food, including chutneys, yogurts, pickles, salads and all kinds of fruits. It’s often appreciated by strict vegans because it mimics the taste of eggs in tofu and other vegetarian dishes. During the hot Indian summer months, it’s also sometimes used to flavor cool drinks, which is a practical way to replace sodium lost through excessive perspiration.

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Turmeric Powder

Turmeric Powder

Turmeric powder is a bright yellow powder made by dry grinding of mature turmeric rhizomes.

The use of turmeric for coloring and flavoring food, for cosmetic purposes and for medicinal properties dates back to the ancient Vedic culture of India. Used in almost all Indian curries, this spice has almost no calories  and zero cholesterol. It is rich in dietary fiber, iron, potassium, magnesium and vitamin B6.

Health Benefits of Turmeric:

The wide range of turmeric health benefits come mainly from its main ingredient, curcumin. This widely researched component of turmeric is highly therapeutic and is used in various drugs and pharmaceutics mainly because of its immunity boosting and anti-oxidant properties.

Boosting Immunity – Curcumin has a huge therapeutic value and boosting immunity is one of the most important properties of curcumin.

Anti-inflammatory and Anti-oxidant Property – Free radical causing oxidative damage of DNA and proteins are associated with a variety of chronic diseases such as cancer, atherosclerosis, and neurodegenerative diseases. Curcumin plays an important role in curbing these conditions. Curcumin down-regulates certain inflammatory transcription factors such as kappaB, enzymes such as cyclooxygenase 2 and 5 lipoxygenase, and cytokines such as tumor necrosis factor, interleukin-1 and interleukin 6 and hinders the development of these diseases.

Curcumin Protects Against Certain Liver Diseases as is evident from various studies conducted in rats. For example, a Mexican study showed that curcumin prevents acute liver damage by at least two mechanisms: acting as an antioxidant and by inhibiting NF-kappaB activation and thus production of proinflammatory cytokines. Another study published in the Fundamental & Clinical Pharmacology journal revealed that curcumin was effective in preventing and reversing cirrhosis, probably by its ability of reducing TGF-beta expression. These data suggest that curcumin might be an effective antifibrotic and fibrolytic drug in the treatment of chronic hepatic diseases.

Turmeric Improves Rheumatoid Arthritis, according to a study by Chandran and Goel at Nirmala Medical Center, Kerala. The researchers also found that curcumin treatment was safe and did not relate with any adverse events.

Usage of Turmeric Powder

  • In India, turmeric is used in almost all curries and gravy dishes. It gives a rich color and a unique flavor to the food.
  • Turmeric is a well-known preservative. Scientists from Gujarat found that adding turmeric to paneer extends the shelf life of paneer up to 12 days.
  • Turmeric is a great pesticide. Sprinkle turmeric (powder) water near all the entry points of your house to ward of insects, ants, and termites.
  • Women in India use turmeric in skin products such as creams and body scrubs to boost the glow factor.
  • Drinking turmeric tea daily may well increase your life span, suggests Dr Andrew Weil. Adding one teaspoon of turmeric powder to 4 cups of boiling water, simmering it for 10 minutes and adding honey to taste can do the trick.

Side Effects of Turmeric

  •  Turmeric can slow blood clotting and might cause extra bleeding during and after surgery.
  • Turmeric can make gall bladder problems and GERD (Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disorder) worse.

Monday, 1 December 2014

Moringa Seeds

Moringa Seeds

Moringa seed is an important part of Moringa tree, because it contain large amount of protein and iron in it. Moringa seed is present inside the Moringa Pods. Moringa seed is like round shaped. From one Moringa pods we can get more than 5 number of seeds.

Uses of Moringa Seeds:

  • Moringa tree is a most nutritious and herbal products. Moringa Seed is used for many purposes like a nutritional supplement, in agricultural and industrial purpose, herbal remedies and medical.
  • Moringa seeds roasted as a snack food, it is packed with nutrient. The seed is crushed in to powder and it is used for recipe and salad.
  • Moringa seeds are used to remove the bacterial content in water. The seed taken from Moringa pods, and then it is crushed in to a powder. The powder which is dressed with cloth is added to the water, this powder act as flocculent to keep the drinking water clean from the impurities. Moringa seed powder and Moringa seed cake powder is much safer than aluminum sulfate which is used in water purification method.
  • In the recent research the result tells that, Moringa seeds contain strong antibiotics and natural detergent –like substances.  Moringa seed is also used in Ayurveda medical for a long period and also now for the overall health improvement in patient. Moringa seed is used as a plaster for the infection by bacteria and for other skin action. Daily intake of Moringa seed is used to reduce the recurrence of epileptic fits and also to treat rheumatoid and arthritis disorders.
  • After oil extraction from Morinag Seed, the remaining is crushed in to powder called seed cake powder. The Moringa seed cake powder is used as a one of the ingredient for animal feeds.
  • Defatted Moringa seed is used as fertilizer for the enrichment of soil and crops, to increase the production result in the agriculture.
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Herb Testing

Herb Testing

The Quality Of The Herb Affects The Quality Of Your Health

Herbal medicines are only as effective as the quality of the herbs from which they are made. When Ed Smith and Sara Katz founded Herb Pharm in 1979 they understood as herbalists this basic principle and have never compromised in their efforts to provide the highest quality, most effective whole-herb healthcare products possible. They know that producing effective herbal extracts that enable people to affect positive changes in the quality of their health is based on diligent study and understanding of traditional herbal medicine, as well as modern herbal sciences.

Certified Organic Herbs

At Herb Pharm we grow most of our herbs on our own certified organic farm which is only two miles from our modern manufacturing facility. This enables us to control every aspect of production: from the soil and seed, to the herb extraction, to the finished product shipped to our customers. We hand-harvest our herbs at their peak of potency and within minutes deliver them, fresh and succulent, to our manufacturing facility for prompt extraction. For those herbs that we can't grow ourselves, we purchase directly from other certified organic herb farms whose owners we know personally and trust.

Custom Wildcrafted™ Herbs

Some of the herbs we use are harvested in their natural wild habitat. We either harvest these herbs ourselves or purchase directly from wildcrafters who meet our demanding standards of quality. This allows us to specify exact harvesting methods that assure the sustainability of these valuable plants. This is what we mean when we say our wild herbs are Custom Wildcrafted™.

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Sunday, 30 November 2014

Psyllium Husks

Psyllium Husks

Psyllium Husks, also known as ispaghula, isabgol, or psyllium, are portions of the seeds of the plant Plantago ovata. They are hygroscopic, which allows them to expand and become mucilaginous. It is a natural source of soluble fiber, similar to fiber found in grains such as oats and barley.

How Psyllium Fiber Work?

Psyllium Husk forms a gel, it acts like a sponge and absorbs toxins in the digestive tract.

Psyllium Husks Benefits:

  • Helpful for both constipation and diarrhea and used to support a healthy digestive system. 
  • Bulking agent that promotes regularity.
  • Clinical studies have shown that 7 grams of soluble fiber from psyllium husk, taken daily as part of a heart healthy diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol, may reduce the risk of heart disease by lowering cholesterol. 
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Saturday, 29 November 2014



The peanut, or groundnut, is a species in the legume or "bean" family. The peanut was probably first domesticated and cultivated in the valleys of Paraguay. It is an annual herbaceous plant growing 30 to 50 cm tall. The domesticated peanut is an amphidiploid or allotetraploid, meaning that it has two sets of chromosomes from two different species.

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Friday, 28 November 2014

Health Benefits of Chickpeas

Health Benefits of Chickpeas

  • Fiber Advantage and Weight Loss
  • Protein for Vegetarians
  • Manganese for Energy Production
  • Iron Boost
  • Stabilizing Blood Sugar and Low Glycaemic Index
  • Heart Healthy
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