Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Benefits of Black Salt, Kala Namak

Black Salt is popular as Kala Namak. Black Salt is a Natural Herb, according to Ayurveda studies it has many benefits for Human Health.

Black Salt, Kala Namak Benefits Arizone International LLP Vapi

Benefits of Black Salt, Kala Namak:

  • Have problem using synthetic products for the Hair...!!! Do not worry. Try something better. Black Salt would be a good option. It not only strengthens your hair but also treats other Hair Problems like Dandruff, Split Ends and Hair fall. It contains minerals which helps the Hair to grow healthy and gives the Hair a lustrous and shiny look.
  • It counters the problem of Hysteria.
  • It Strengthens the metabolic system. It helps in countering problem of High Blood Pressure.
  • Problem of Poor Eyesight??? Have some Black Salt in your diet and improve your Eyesight.
  • It is effective for Nose Bleeds.
  • Black Salt consumption is helpful for treatment of Oral Problem like Toothache.
  • It is a good herbal remedy for the ailment of Thyroid Gland, Goiter.
  • It is a beneficial herb for the Skin. Take a bath with Black Salt water and it will heal all Skin Problems.
  • It treats Liver Disorder, Jaundice.
  • It has Laxative properties. It helps in proper Bowel Movements and treats the problem of Constipation.

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