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Side Effects of Black Pepper Powder

As saying too much of a good thing can be bad too! So, this case can applied with black pepper also. Till you control the amount of black pepper intake, all is good. But black pepper can cause some serious and some not so serious side effects, if not taken in moderate quantity.

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  • Creates Burning Sensation In Stomach - We all know that black pepper is ‘hot’. In such a case, the overuse of black pepper can lead to severe burning in the stomach.
  • Can Cause Death - This is one of those rarest of rare cases. But if black pepper is consumed directly, it can get into the lungs and cause death, especially in children. So it is advised to eat black pepper by mixing it with your food.
  • Creates Burning Sensation In Eyes - We all know that black pepper is ‘hot’. So, avoid applying black pepper directly on your skin or else accidentally if it gets into your eyes, it may cause burning and redness, both on your skin and eyes.
  • Contraindication With Certain Drugs - Patients taking cyclosporine A, cholinergic, digoxin, and cytochrome P450 should avoid consuming black pepper.
  • Gastrointestinal Disorders - Black pepper may upset the stomach or cause gastrointestinal problems. So, patients suffering from gastrointestinal disorders should avoid taking black pepper.
  • May Lead To Respiratory Problems - One must not inhale black pepper as it may lead to respiratory problems like respiratory irritation, asthma, etc.
  • May Cause Irritation - In some rare cases, the intake of black pepper can lead to skin irritation with symptoms like itching, swelling, and redness in skin.
  • Difficulties During Pregnancy And Breastfeeding - If you are pregnant, your body is already sensitive to spices. So try and stay off black pepper. If you are craving the flavor, add some to your favorite dish, but in minimal quantities. The hot flavor and taste of black pepper can be transferred into breast milk. So, unless you want to give your infant a crash course in Indian spices, stay away from black pepper if you are breastfeeding.
  • Increases Skin Dryness - Black pepper should not be consumed in large quantities as it can dry the skin. If you have dry skin, too much black pepper is certainly a Big No!

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