Friday, 2 January 2015

Side Effects of Red Chilli Powder

Like every single food, they can have both good and bad effects. We suggest that when you choose your foods, especially when you eat them often, you should understand the downfalls of them. From this, you will be able to acquire a greater benefit from your diet. Here, We will give you knowledge about side effects of Red Chilli Powder.

  • As chilli is very hot, it may bring lots of heat into the body. If you already have a hot body constitution it is better to east less or avoid eating this hot food. Otherwise the body may become overheated.
  • If you are undergoing treatment for blood pressure, liver disease, diabetes, kidney and heart disease. It is best to be cautious when eating chilli. Please consult your doctor, to see whether it is suitable for you. 
  • Following symptoms it is best to avoid eating chilli: stomach and bowel ulcers, stomach infections, heartburn, hemorrhoids, swelling, pain or bleeding after bowel movement, fever, sore throat, cough with yellow phlegm, urinary bladder infection, hot flushes, dry mouth and thirsty through the night or skin rash.
  • The hot flavor of red pepper isn’t for everyone. Too much at one time of the hottest types of red pepper can make a person nauseous, cause abdominal pain, and induce vomiting.

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